We are seeking qualified individuals for the following positions.  If your skills match the required qualifications please submit your resume today.  

Skilled Laborer- Must be able to perform task involving physical labor and the operation of power tools and machines.  One must have general knowledge and experience using various hand tools in order to be efficient and effective.

Equipment Operator- Must be able to operate heavy equipment and machinery, as well as performing other various tasks and duties.  The ability to operate heavy equipment such as bulldozers, backhoes, trackhoes, skid loaders, and rollers  proficiently is required.  

Concrete Laborer/Finisher- Must be able to perform tasks involving physical laborer for construction and masonry projects.  The ability to operate various hand tools and machinery, as well as set braces and concrete forms is required.  One's work must reflect a smooth and finished concrete surface.    

Asphalt Laborer- Must be able to perform task involving physical laborer and the use of tools such as: a loot and shovel.  Other duties included tar sealing and use of the tack sprayers. 

Asphalt Paving Operator- Must be able to operate the paving machine proficiently and have an understanding of all the machines components.  The ability to operate other various equipment including rollers, plate tampers, and skid loaders.  

Foreman- Must have a heavy background in the construction industry and understand the various types of work being done. Possess's strong leadership skills and the ability to direct workers efficiently and effectively.  Must have the ability to make quick educated decisions.

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