For over 20 years, H&R Excavating's primary goal has been to establish and maintain trustworthy project relationships while providing quality construction services at affordable prices for our customer base.  We strive to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction and consistently communicate with various project representatives while performing our work which includes construction field activities, and office project administration services.

Our business acumen includes assisting new customers, while maintaining relationships with our past and present customers.  At H&R Excavating, we actively listen to a customer's construction expectations and goals. We formulate the appropriate scopes of services, while providing consistent quality construction services within budget and meet project schedules. 


Our company has grown significantly and positively since we formed in 1999.  Over this time period we have added site construction services, increased equipment inventory, and expanded our group of experienced employees along the way.

We presently offer many services for residential, commercial, retail, industrial, municipal government, and municipal utility authorities.  Much of our work is also provided to general contractors, residential contractors, mechanical contractors, residential/commercial developers, business owners, and residential property management companies.

  • Residential site demolition, construction, excavation, earthwork, utilities for homes, subdivisions, multi-family housing

  • Commercial site construction, excavation, bldg pad prep, utilities, curbing/sidewalks, asphalt paving, ADA improvements

  • Sub-contracting roles to general contractors, mechanical contractors, electric contractors, utility contractors

  • Demolition of single story & multi-story buildings and structures

The following areas of work are successfully integrated into our yearly company activities:

  • Private, Public, Municipal Construction Services

  • Roadway construction, utility infrastructure, erosion & sedimentation controls

  • Asphalt paving for driveways, parking lots, roadways, sidewalks, bike-paths, storage areas

  • Concrete work for sidewalks, concrete curbing, ADA ramps

  • Utility work for water lines, sanitary sewer lines, storm-water pipes/basins, electric conduits, gas line trenching

  • Stormwater drainage pipes/basins, erosion & Sedimentation controls, grass seeding/mulching, sinkhole repairs

During the winter season we provide snow removal and de-icing services for residential, commercial and municipal customers:

  • Snow removal/de-icing of walkways, driveways, parking lots, roadways

  • Providing Meyer snow removal products New Product Sales, Parts and Accessories Dealership


Our customer base consists of residential property owners, municipal government, general contractors, construction managers, utility authorities, educational facilities, real estate development groups, commercial businesses, franchise restaurants, hospitality groups, property management companies, industrial facilities, recreational propeagricultural customers.  


H&R Excavating's services are mainly provided in Centre County and adjoining Blair, Clearfield, Huntingdon, Mifflin, Clinton and Lycoming Counties.